Shirley van Piere (1986), studied at the "Academie voor Beeldende Vorming" in Tilburg, the Netherlands. One could choose any direction which provided the opportunity to get aquainted with all the facets of the art-world; from animation to sculpture, from painting to bookprinting. In her finishing year Shirley took illustration and photography and intencified "illustration" at the Arts Institute Bournemouth at Bournemouth U.K. She finished by graduating Cum-Laude and recieved her licence to teach the various art technics and Art History.

After a period of teaching Art at a gymnasium Shirley felt that she needed more than sharing and exchanging knowledge. She wanted to give her autonomous work direction: How does one work purpousfully when asked for by any kind of client ? To further her ambitions, Shirley started in 2008 at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. After following the design directions: Leisure and Communication, she is presently doing Public Space.

Shirley aspires to combine her interest in widely varied areas. No design can succeed without thorough research. She posesses the capacity to highlight details wich are mostly unnoticed ! Typical for her work are: Space, light and detail. Being a conceptualist, she creates designs which awakens an experience by the observer.

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