--- BOEKSTEEN --- Books can have a different shape and can make a journey through the library completely different.

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A walk through a park, makes me feel like a explorer. It is absolutely amazing to see how nature creates details in both microscopic and immense scale. In a world so filled with details I have become a true collector and have a "collection" of "jewels" from a park. A public library is probably the ultimate "collection"; a place where everything is stacked together in very thin layers of time and subjects. All kept in orderly fashion: side by side. All the stories are clad in a shape that differs slightly per book. The idea that the shape of the book could be "tailored" on the story it contained handed me the starting-point for the idea of this project: A serie of ten books, that form together a group of stones who protect their secrets within; like a precious jewel before it's hewn from the rock where it was born. Together they form a new exploration for the book-shelf.