--- RHYTHMIC LANES --- A project about making public space more rhythmic by places trees. Watch the movie on youtube.

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Rehabilitation-centra are often an island within a city; the assignment regarding this project was to get rid of the borders and make a rehabilitation centre a natural part of the city. In order to become suitably involved in the theme, I have decided to single out a disease called COPD and try to imagine what it would be like to suffer from it and what effect it might cause to the interaction between me and public space. It didn't take long before I realised that my breathing pattern altered when my rhythm became disturbed. With the conclusion that a undisturbed rhythm was important, I set about looking what could be done to sooth the "borders" of rehabilitation centre Blixembosch, and create peace in order to establish a harmonic rhythm. After reading stories about people who suffer from COPD, I learned that 'nature' has a healing effect on them. Consequentialy I went searching for shapes that can form rhythms in the public space embodied by trees. Each species has it's own theme; for instance, Lime tree for the sector Health, etc. The lanes of trees create a kind of weaving rhythm between the different areas.