--- SQUARE --- A new square in front of Eindhoven trainstation.

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It is often said : "Eindhoven looks grey" and " Eindhoven looks boring ....", when coming out of the railway station. But somehow, the beauty of Eindhoven is truly present, even the visual part. But one has to go and discover. During my resrarch for the creation of a "railway station square", I found a 'neat' starting point: the available space in front of the station is qua height, angle and square meters a duplicate of the department-store " de Bijenkorf" which is a little further along the railway. You could call it a little secret to be discovered. To influence the visual experiences of people, I started experiments with walls around the square. In mind I used a discovery I made about Carlo Ponty's design of the "Bijenkorf" namely: he saw the department store as a " Box of presents" ! Thus, to prevent, that the first impression of Eindhoven should be a negative one, the design of the square would have to be exuding that kind of feeling as well : a square of surprises !! I made some scale models of the different designs of the square.