--- SQUARE --- A 'time-table' for discussions about the future of Eindhoven.

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Question : Design something for a meeting of inhabitans to talk about the municipality of Eindhoven ANNO 2040 ! 2040 is for many people quite a big step into the future, and therefore not easy to guide things into a orderly discussion. In order to visualise time, we set about designing a "Time-Line". Starting point is the birth year of the oldest inhabitant of the city: the year 1900 . Next and of course the most imported thing: how does one get a large group of people, from all walks of life, on the move and keep them going in a reasonably orderly fashion ? Food ! Eating makes habitants relaxed . After that overture, discussion subjects should be put on the table. With all that in mind, we had started to see the "time-table' as beeing a long table cloth !! The foundation of the meeting is now ready to go onto the table. The topics put on the table were; history of Eindhoven, history of the Philips lightbulb, development of the car, several interviews, picture postcards, changes of Eindhoven, and countless future ideas. Everything put down on the "table-cloth" in orderly fashion. The table-cloth is 14 meters long, every meter represents ten year. the last three meters are left blank, to be filled in by the "meeting" people !